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A platform for mobile wallets,mobile payments and remittances

Mobile phones now make it possible to conduct financial services anytime anywhere. Whether settling bills or purchasing retail items, consumers can use mobile payments to carry out a variety of transactions. Pay365, a mobile solution, supports every aspect of mobile payments, from mobile wallet management to security and online transaction reporting.

Pay365 provides mobile wallets, mobile payments, and mobile banking features on a single platform. Users can make card purchases, bill payments, remittances, and airtime top-ups on their mobile phones. Thanks to bank-level security, the solution allows mobile operators, banks, financial institutions, and other enterprises to deliver financial services to banked and unbanked customers.

Payment Services

Peer to Peer payments

A comprehensive mobile payment platform allowing individuals to carry out Person-to-Person payments, pay into bank accounts, pay merchants, paybills, receive salaries and make government payments. Users can carry payments via USSD, Mobile app or prepaid card.

Local and International Remittances

Pay365 supports national and international remittances through  its capability to offer a multi-tenanted platform with agent network features which conform to AML, CFT, and international regulatory requirements. 

Merchant payments and Mobile POS

Pay365 solution makes merchant onboarding seamless while offering multiple channels for accepting payments. Pay365 allows merchants to accept QR code payments securely. Merchants also use can offer mPOS machines to accept chip & pin/contactless card payments. 

Government payments

Citizen to Government payments, such as local taxes, corporate taxes, VAT,etc are important and essential payments that are often hard to for governments to manage logistically. Pay365 will reduce this burden, offer transparency and reduce the risk of fraud.

Bill Payments

Pay365 brings comprehensive Bill payment and Recharge capability, supporting airtime recharges for all major telecom operators, utility operators, DTH operators, and ISPs. Post paid bill payments for Telecom, Electricity, Water, and School fees are also supported.

Mobile Banking

Pay365 offers branchless banking  to service retail and business consumers - such as full eKYC enabled Bank account opening, transfers, withdrawal and deposits, Balance Inquiry, Mini-statement and Service requests. 

Payment platform powered by Amazon Web Services
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