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On the receiving end

To send money to Gambia has never been easier. A few clicks and your online money transfer is on its way. Sorted, as far as you’re concerned. In less than a minute, you can send your mother her monthly allowance to buy groceries, Nawec cash power and Africell/Qcell credit. We don’t often stop to consider the receiver experience. They’re just happy to receive money, right?

Well…I think we should take a minute and contemplate this.

  • How quickly did their funds arrive?

  • Did they have to travel far to a cash pickup location?

  • How long did they have to wait in line?

  • Did they have the correct ID?

  • Did they get home safely with a plastic bag full of cash?

What does the ‘receiving’ customer want? What do they value? The receiver, as much as the sender, value their time too; convenience is key and exchange rates matter!

How can we ensure the recipient has the same seamless experience as the sender? What options do we have in The Gambia? More agent networks? Pay for groceries directly? Mobile money? Direct to bank deposits for the 21% who have bank accounts? Is this feasible considering the lack of interoperability between banks, mobile money operators and true real-time payments?

Ping Money is working tirelessly to enhance the receiver’s customer experience. We plan to expand our agent networks, pay-out options and offer seamless customer care.

With everything we do, technology is at the forefront and we are looking at how to use mobile technology to enhance the customer experience for both the sender and the receiver.

Watch this space!

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