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Safe Sending

We all want simplicity, speed, and convenience when transferring money. Most importantly, we want our money and data to be handled securely and safely without sacrificing cost savings.

And that is the one thing YOU have control of. By choosing the right company and by choosing the right transfer methods.

We urge you to think about that – if you have ever thought about what convenience means to you and how you choose to send your money? Does convenience mean a phone call to a money transfer company and providing your details over the phone? Well in that case allow us to give a different perspective. 

Over the phone vs. over the counter vs. online transfer

Over the phone = risk of fraud/theft – the risk of personal data misuse – time-consuming.

Online transfer = securely encrypted card payment no risk of card misuse – no risk of employee access to card information (never in the process do we have access to any card data) – faster service. 

Over the counter = You just finished working a grueling 8-hour shift, it’s raining and windy, but you must hop on a bus for 30 minutes to rush to the nearest money transfer company. 

We understand that senders want a fast service however calling a company to set up a transfer will take, on average, 7 minutes to make a transfer over the phone. Whereas using an online money transfer service app, for instance, would take no more than 30 seconds, if doing a repeat transfer. 

For Ping Money, technology is at the forefront of everything we do, and we are constantly looking at how to use mobile technology to enhance the customer experience for both the sender and the receiver.

When using the Ping Money app, we promise a smooth and fast money transfer experience; sign up, get verified in a few minutes, set up a receiver, and send an instant payment securely by card with peace of mind and without worrying about any unnecessary risks.  

Ping Money is a money transfer service for sending money from the United Kingdom to the Gambia. We keep it simple. Our service is fast, reliable, and easy. y to use.

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