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Make remittances work for you

This past month we’ve been sharing handy tips and ‘food for thought’ on our social media platforms in relation to spending wisely and making your money work harder for you. We know this can be tricky with family and friends back home depending on your support but all the more reason to carefully consider how you send money. That said, we would like to introduce you to another resource tool that could assist you with your money transfer habits.

The German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in collaboration with the Academy of German Cooperatives ADG have launched a free online course called “make remittances work for you”!

If you are interested in how to better remit then keep reading.

Why this matters? Remittances are important! Many people send money to their countries of origin to make a contribution there, as well as receive money from abroad. Remittances can create even more impact if they are used for longer term investments or running a business.

This course gives you impulses and ideas so you can do this.

Who is the course for? The online course is for anyone who wants to get the most out of remittances for longer term projects, whether you transfer money abroad to family and/or friends or receive money from abroad. And anyone who works with the diaspora community on the topic. Let’s spread the word and invest remittances for development! 😊.

What do I get? The online course is free of charge. After completing it, you will be better equipped to save and invest remittances for sustainable economic development in your country of origin (such as small businesses, savings accounts, insurance, etc.). You will get fresh ideas, hands-on tools and templates that support you in applying your new knowledge and after passing the course you will receive a digital certificate.

We recommend you take all modules but it’s up to you - you can pick the ones that interest you most and finish them in your own time.

The modules are fun and short, they cover 4 topics:

  1. Fit to remit – social and technical aspects of remittances as well as advice to plan your personal budget

  2. Fit to save – how and why to save

  3. Fit to invest – how and why to invest

  4. Fit to entrepreneur – how to start a new business or develop an existing business further as well as how to structure and analyse a business

An English and German version has just recently been launched. An Arabic is in the making and will be launched very soon!

Please make sure that you have allowed pop-up windows in your browser.

How can I spread the word? Spread the word by sharing this e-mail with your network!

Thanks for reading and happy sending!

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